The Deadliest Mystery in the Middle East –

The Deadliest Mystery in the Middle East – on

WMD in Jordan

There is something else that figures prominently into this equation. It happened in Jordan.

In April of 2004, Jordanian authorities foiled an al Qaeda terrorist plot. The cell had 20 tons of chemicals, including poison gas! Twenty tons of WMD. Al Qaeda’s leader in Jordan admitted that the terrorists planned to kill 20,000 to 80,000 Jordanians. King Abdullah II said this “major, major operation” would have “decapitated the government.”

Al Qaeda, 20 tons of WMD, and—almost—80,000 murdered Jordanians. Yet the media paid it almost no attention. Nobody asked, Where did all those chemicals come from? Maybe they don’t want to know the answer: Evidence indicates that those weapons were manufactured by Saddam Hussein and deployed by Syria to the terrorists! (sidebar: “The Stockpiles Were in Iraq”).

Syria is the world’s second deadliest state sponsor of terrorism. It has actually used some dangerous weapons in that process. It tried to decapitate peaceful little Jordan. Don’t you think it might use some of those chemical weapons at its disposal? Or that it could give them to terrorists? Evidence suggests it already has!

Again, this is the fundamental question that no one is asking: Where did these terrorists get 20 tons of poison gas to use against Jordanians? The Jordanians knew: It came from Syria.

If you know your real history *cough*SixDayWar*cough*, there is no question why they planned on hitting Jordan.

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