Mickey Beats Vader; Episode 7, 8, & 9 coming!

Newsarama.com : UPDATING: Disney Buys Lucasfilm, New STAR WARS Film in 2015 on Newsarama


Disney has acquired Lucasfilm for “$4.05 billion in cash and stock,” according to multiple sources including The Hollywood Reporter. Additionally, a seventh Star Wars movie has been announced for 2015.

This would place the entire Star Wars franchise under the Disney umbrella, along with other Lucasfilm properties like Industrial Light & Magic and Indiana Jones. The two entities have worked in partnership before, including the Star Tours ride at multiple Disney theme parks.

An investor conference call was held Tuesday afternoon to discuss details of the acquisition. On the call, Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger announced that 2015’s Star Wars: Episode VII will be followed by Episodes VIII and IX, with the aim of a new Star Wars film every two to three years.

“We’ve got a lengthy treatment that we feel really good about,” Iger said of Episodes VII-IX. “The film is in early development.” The era post-Return of the Jedi has been largely covered in novels and comic books, but no indication of the story was given.


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