New MegaUpload Will Deflect Copyright Liability and Become Raid-Proof | TorrentFreak on Torrentfreak

Before users upload their files to Mega they will be encrypted using the AES algorithm. Users will then be provided with a unique decryption key giving them sole responsibility for who can have future use of the file.

Not only does this ensure completely security and privacy for users’ files, Mega will have no knowledge of any encrypted file’s contents at any stage, effectively deflecting any future accusation that they were aware of how their service was being used.

But of course, none of this can protect Mega from the kind of act-first worry-later strategy employed by the US government when it raided Megaupload in January. So, to counter that kind of threat Mega will employ some technical countermeasures, including placing sets of servers in separate countries.

“So, even if one country decides to go completely berserk from a legal perspective and freeze all servers, for example — which we don’t expect, because we’ve fully complied with all the laws of the countries we place servers in — or if a natural disaster happens, there’s still another location where all the files are available,” Ortmann explained.

“This way, it’s impossible to be subjected to the kind of abuse that we’ve had in the U.S.,” he adds.

In late August, Kim Dotcom announced that Mega would grow to become a global network “to change the world.” Today he reinforced that position, telling Wired that the Mega network will encourage all hosts, from the small to the very large, to join up.

“We’re creating a system where any host in the world — from the $2,000 garage operation to the largest online host — can connect their own servers to this network,” he said. “We can work with anybody, because the hosts themselves cannot see what’s on the servers.”

I can’t wait to see it working and in usable state.

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