August 8th is 24 hours away. It is “Asean Day”. It is OUR 43

August 8th is 24 hours away. It is "Asean Day". It is OUR 43rd ASEAN (Founding) Anniversary. Three years from now, 6 Nations will be more integrated than we have ever done before or dreamed of. Yes, in 2015, there will be a lot of changes and new challenges for everyone, as individuals, as a workforce, as a Nation, as citizens. By then, hopefully we will identify with the region and be citizens of it.

That brings me to my questions. For you, what is an "Asean Citizen"? Does it have any meaning? Is it something you'll be proud to call yourself?

Secondly, what is an "Asean Identity"? How do you see yourself as an "Asean"? Who are you? What are you?

Thirdly, if you will be given a chance to say something to the elites at the top, what would you tell them? What would you suggest? How would you help them understand you and me? The people? The grassroots of this regional organization?

You can answer on this thread by replying, make it an essay if you want. Or if you have a blog, post it there then reply back with the link to your blog.

From hereon until the grand day August 8, 2015, let's discuss, share, and raise our voices of great ideas that will help everybody and make this dream of integration a reality. After all, it is us that drives ASEAN – the People.

Happy 43rd Asean day my fellow Asean Citizens!!

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