Funny that I always end up using a #FLOSS / #FOSS product th

Funny that I always end up using a #FLOSS / #FOSS product that is either less known or not/never the number 1 in the market or choice.

Having said that… I tried to track down – yet again – the origins of the different CMS and BMS (Blog Management System) that are popular in the market as well as those that I use or used.

">" means forked

I've used the following:

  • phpNuke
  • PostNuke
  • Xaraya
  • b2evolution
  • quamplures
  • Mambo

I know I tried Drupal and Joomla! before but I did not use it because Xaraya was more powerful, modular, extensible, and easiest to develop a full-blown website with. Back then, D&J was pretty new also, so I stayed away from it.

As for WordPress, I never liked it before and I still do not like it today, and I will definitely never like it ever. It is too confusing even though everybody is claiming that it is the "most user-friendly of all". WP is also not developer friendly, their code is too messy, their themes are equally confusing, and it is hard to extend.

I used b2evolution, the original and the first forked of b2/cafelog (NOT WordPress!). Attempts were made to merge b2evo and WP but failed. Anyway, b2evolution is the complete opposite of WordPress. With a well organized code it results to making it easy to learn and extend. The themes are also organized. The whole system was also made to make adding your own code and enhancements easier, and the community is also great. (Not like with WP…)

Now I'm with quamplures. Part of the team developing it (though more on the sidelines and templates and production testing). I'm still active with b2evolution and help wherever I can, I'll always have b2evo in my recommendation list side-by-side with qp.

Also, I'm thinking of trying out Zikula. I am looking for a CMS that I can use to launch a new website, an organization website. Currently I'm leaning towards Drupal. But I want to give Zikula a try. The only thing that's keeping me from doing so is that the drama in PostNuke between the PostNuke/Zikula and PostNuke/Xaraya teams is coming back to me. I rarely get involved with the politics of developers but this one was one of those that also made a whole lot of sense (and I sided with Xaraya obviously). Maybe, just maybe, the reason why they renamed to Zikula was also that – to get rid of the drama that tainted the image of PostNuke.

So we'll see. The only problem, I have to learn a new CMS from scratch, and I have to get this new site up before August 25th. Which is slowly pushing me to choose Xaraya since I know how to mess with it already.

Oh well…

But still it is interesting to see that the forks came out better than their respective parent(s). That's FLOSS/FOSS at work – best.

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