Spool and YouTipIt Shuts Down, Move to Springpad and Flattr

Goodbye Spool, goodbye YouTipIt… Two services shutdowns today:

How ironic it was all because I removed Spool on my Android and Desktop like 12 hours ago because I discovered Springpad ( http://springpad.com ), which is the same but easier to use and offers more features.

Spool has not yet announced the reason for the sudden shutdown of the service other than an email with an attachment of our bookmarks.

For "YouTipIt", well, they survived for a year more despite the attempts to pass it on to a new owner (which didn’t happen as far as I know). I stopped farming and using BitCoin 7 months ago, I don’t think BitCoin will gain any significance today – in the future maybe, but not now.

Oh well…

#Spool #GetSpool #YouTipIt #Springpad #Flattr

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