China warns ASEAN on South China Sea disputes: ‘Don’t get involved’

I have one message to #ASEAN – tackle issues involving member nations as ONE BLOC "ASEAN". Other nations like #China should and must respect us.

ASEAN aims to be ONE. This is the best time to show that we are in this together. Don’t fail your people ASEAN elites!!

To China, this IS an ASEAN issue, it IS YOU that must not get involved in our own matters!

China warns ASEAN on South China Sea disputes: ‘Don’t get involved’ – on Interaksyon

BEIJING – China warned Southeast Asian nations on Tuesday against "hyping" a dispute over the South China Sea, as it voiced opposition to the row being discussed at a regional security forum.

As the 10-nation Association of Southeast Asian Nations discussed forming a united position on the sensitive issue during a summit in Cambodia, China insisted the dispute should only be resolved directly between rival claimants.

"This South China Sea issue is not an issue between China and ASEAN, but between China and some ASEAN countries," foreign ministry spokesman Liu Weimin told reporters.

"Hyping the South China Sea issue… is against the common aspirations of the people and the main trends of the time to seek development and cooperation, and is an attempt to take China-ASEAN relations hostage."

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One thought on “China warns ASEAN on South China Sea disputes: ‘Don’t get involved’”

  1. This year they designed a fierce looking dragon with fangs for a purpose. This year the kid gloves are off. Did you notice that they came out with the Z-9 attack helicopters, the Varyag aircraft carrier and an “anti-aircraft carrier” missile. They have “bullied” their neighbors and established a garrison in the Paracel islands.

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