Be social and keep in touch while maintaining your privacy with Friendica

Giaco Pastorius
Friendica – Linux Magazine Online on Linux-magazine

Be social and keep in touch while maintaining your privacy with Friendica, a network that centralizes social media.

The popularity of social media has created two main issues for users. First, users often want to post the same material to more than one site. Second, many users are increasingly concerned about the implications of private data being controlled by a corporation. Among the efforts to provide services that address these issues, by far the most promising is Friendica, a functional site that is still very much a work in progress.

The Friendica project is coordinated by Mike Macgirvin, a veteran member of the open source community and a computer engineer who has developed Internet technologies for such corporations as America Online, Sun Microsystems, and Netscape Communications.

During the lead-in to Quit Facebook Day in May 2010, Macgirvin became concerned “about the large scale centralization of private data in the hands of a single American corporation, having watched companies fail during the dot-com crash and watching their customer databases sold for pennies on the dollar.” …

Read the original post and comment stream on Friendica


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