#IPv6Launch : [How-To] Get a Philippine IPv6 Address

The Hæven of John

Today is World #IPv6 Launch Day and many are of course not yet IPv6 ready, for example, the #Philippines ISP are obviously waiting for the availability of IPv6 modems to distribute.

But if like me you can not wait, tunnelling is the best option. Here’s an instruction I posted a year ago on how you can get a Philippine IPv6 address via Globe Telecoms’ IPv6 range. Yes, you don’t need to be a Globe subscriber. PLDT and Eastern Telecoms users can use their tunnel as well.

[How-To] Get a Philippine IPv6 Address on Jcsesecuneta

If you have read my previous How-To on how to connect to IPv6 Internet (if you are a Linux user), you may have realized by now that you are getting an address from the country the server is located.

There are pros and cons to having a different Geo-IP than your actual location, for example, when you want to bypass Geo-IP restrictions. But sometimes we want to use our own, especially in this case where IPv6 support from service providers is almost non-existent in countries like the Philippines.

Well, good news is, Globe Telecoms is now offering their own tunnel with a Philippines IPv6 address. Here’s how to connect…


@Filipino Nation

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