eFiction : Automated Archive Software

This is a great #FLOSS / #FOSS to use if you are into #writing. Unfortunately, the last update was on late 2010 so if someone is interested to keep this going that will be great.

Check it out and you’ll see that it is feature-filled already. The way things work will also spark endless ideas on how to maximize this excellent software.

eFiction : Automated Archive Software on Efiction

eFiction is a software program that enables users to run automated original or fanfiction archives on their websites. The program is PHP and MySQL database driven and is released as open-source software….

It’s a very old project and despite the popularity of FanFiction.net and FictionPress.com, eFiction did not get any attention from the ‘influential’, ‘noisiest’, and FLOSS/FOSS community.

This time, I’m sharing it with everyone (and bookmarking it). Grab the source code, keep a copy, install it, better yet if you are capable, maintain it please!

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