By 2015, the world will witness the birth of the “Asean Economic Community” (AEC)

The #Asean Region will be transformed into a single regional market by 2015, with the following core elements:

  • Free flow of goods
  • Free flow of services
  • Free flow of investment
  • Free flow of capital
  • Free flow of skilled labour

This is going to be one hell of a competition across the region. And take note, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste will be joining the group soon!

After this, if all goes well (and it will, we’re not *yet* doing the EU single-monetary unit [which is failing]), ASEAN+3 will move faster.

That’s ASEAN plus Australia, India, and New Zealand.

Then who knows… maybe, just maybe, ASEAN+3+3 will also, that’s ASEAN+3 plus China, Japan, Korea peninsula.


Too far ahead, but not for Asean Economic Community!!

Are you ready my fellow Asean Citizens? Are you ready to compete in the labour sector? Are you ready to compete with your products and services? Are you read to attract ASEAN investors?


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