Life and chance


DNA is the very code of life. It is information. It is storage. It is the program that runs you and me and all living things (or used to if it is dead). If DNA is that complex, how was it possible that nature naturally produced such uber complex "programming"? And if we were "seeded" by some sentient being from another planet, then who or how did they come to existence?

No matter where we look at it, we will always come back to DNA. That important piece (or more accurately piecessssss) of every living creature and being – DNA. Without it, we wouldn’t be here. Without it, there is nothing we can pass on. DNA is the "bible" of all living (and of all who lived) creatures. DNA is the evidence that you were, that you are, and that you will be.

DNA is everything. DNA is "the book". We can not even think without mathematical presentation how much information is stored in our DNA. That is how important our DNA is. It is the code of life. It is the if-then-else inside of us. It is the function(), locate, alias, rewrite, require directives that makes life possible.

So now, can nature, can natural causes, even at the span of 10^googolplex years produce DNA?

And that’s just DNA we are talking about. Go smaller or go bigger than DNA and you get even more complex systems that if you change one single, tiny thing, it could either spell doom to the whole or change it for the worst or best.

Nature can’t possibly "know" which single, tiny change will produce living creatures right? Much more know that having 2 hands with 5 fingers each is more than enough for us? Or that having 2 eyes is better than 1 centred eye? Or that we need to breath, and not just breathe but a good mix of chemicals? Did you even know that we actually breathe 78% nitrogen and only 21% oxygen?

So again, how can "nature" answer to the uber complexity of life and everything around us? From the smallest unit possible to the biggest?

Obviously, there is intelligence in the design of everything and of everyone. If you say that nature did it, then I guess nature indeed is a "god", an intelligent sentient entity. Because if nature is not a thinking entity, then it is impossible for nature to produce the universe, to produce YOU.

With all the complexities and intricacies and how one tiny system must work well with another tiny system so they can support a bigger system which must work with another system to support yet another system… … …, considered, chance surely can not play a role in such.

Would you leave ‘chance’ to play with life? How small is the possibility of chance picking up the right formula _every step of the way_ to come up with our planet and YOU? There are so many tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny areas that must be placed correctly in every level and aspect of life, ‘chance’ can not possibly have a hand in creating the first life, the first animal, and the only habitable planet in the universe to date.

It is just impossible.


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