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Anyone who have tried this "timed login" thing from LoginWall? It adds a "time" factor in typing your passwords. For example, instead of just typing "password" with time factor it will be something like this: pas (pause 3 secs) ssw o(hold o for 5 seconds) rd.

If I fail to do that, I won’t be able to login. Effectively killing brute force attacks unless they can figure out my timing setting and factor that in – which is like a million(?) possibilities.

I haven’t tried it but I hope there are those who did, I’m looking for systems to use for stepping-up my online account #security.

I’m looking at Two-Factor Authentication too, HSBC, Blizzard Entertainment, and Google uses it (and I use those with those three companies). I also ready it can be implemented for free and use existing smartphone apps like Google Authenticator as your own too. Back to reading… any feedback is welcome ^_^



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