Post from Friendica

I remembered another software I’m going to reinstall once I have my own server again – wiki farm! I’ll start reading for new and more efficient methods to do just that. What I did before was to use symlinks. It gets tricky when it comes to the config folder because I have to avoid one (or two?) files from getting replaced when updating.

Then, I have to think of a good new URL for my Friendica and StatusNet instance. Probably two, one for each (so as to keep things simple for non-techies – @-friendica and @-statusnet respectively). Which I’m going to open to selected friends and get them to join the free cyberworld.

(If I understand correctly, Friendica through zot will be able to do something similar to XMPP – SRV records, but for statusnet, probably not? Though it would be better, @-subdomain.domain or @-domain/folder is confusing for non-techies – the kind of people I’m going to invite into the free world.)

Much to prepare. Hopeful and optimistic still. ^_^


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