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With so many supposedly "legends" and "myths" from countless of cultures around the world almost always having similarities… why is it that we still deny the possibility that the ancient humans were far superior than modern humans?

Is it because the #&lt;span style="text-decoration: underline; color: #ff0000;">THEORY</span> of #evolution will crumble?

So we’d rather believe a theory than believe sources Science tells us is "impossible to be a coincidence"?  For example, the Great Flood exists in #legends and #myths of many #cultures both living and lost around the world.  Add to that, many branches of Science has proven the Great Flood did occur.  And yet modern man denies it ever happened.

To explain such "mysteries" (as they call them) we create <span style="text-decoration: underline; color: #ff0000;">more theories</span> like aliens from outer space.  Are we that stupid as an intelligent race?

We don’t even need to consider other "mysteries", going back to the most fundamental of all is more than enough: The 8 humans who survived the #GreatFlood – Noah’s family.  We #Chinese have stories of Noah.  The #Abrahamic faiths all have stories of #Noah.  The #Egyptians have stories of Noah.  Even the #Sumerians told of Noah building a huge ship.  As far as South #America there are stories of Noah.

And yet as intelligent and modern human beings, we dismiss all these as legends and myths, mere coincidences.  It baffles me.  Mere coincidence?  That’s one amazing coincidence of epic proportions!!

Or maybe I should say, this is one epic proportion of #stupidity of modern man.

I’m not throwing this thought because I’m a #Christian, not at all.  Im submitting this as someone who loves #history and trying to see #logic where we seemed to have forgotten about it.


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