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I’m aware that there were countless of historical records destroyed in many cultures, mostly in the name of "colonization" and "civilization-ing barbarians" (like what the Spaniards did here in the #Philippines), but I never thought it to be this grave… I HATE IT!

Quoting from: Dead Men’s Secrets

The great library of Alexandria once contained one million volumes inwhich the entire science, philosophy and mysteries of the ancient worldwere recorded (including a complete catalogue of authors in 120 volumes,with a brief biography of each author). In a single act of vandalism, JuliusCaesar destroyed 700,000 priceless scrolls. In the seventh century, theArabs completed the wipeout. Do you know how they did it? They used thebooks as a fuel supply to heat the city’s 400 public baths for six months.Totally destroyed also were the papyri of the library of Ptah in Memphis.Carthage, with a library of 500,000 volumes, was razed in a seventeen-dayfire by the Romans in 146 B.C.The library of Pergamos in Asia Minor (with 200,000 volumes) likewiseperished.When the famous collection of Pisistratus in Athens was wiped out (inthe sixth century). surprisingly Homer’s writings escaped.In the eighth century, Leo Isaurus burned 300,000 books inConstantinople. In China, Emperor Tam Shi Hwang-ti issued an edict (213B.C.) to destroy innumerable books.Thousands of Druidic scrolls in Autun, France, on philosophy, medicine,astronomy and other sciences, were obliterated by Julius Caesar. Not onesurvived.Much classical literature was systematically destroyed by the papalInquisition.Spanish conquerors searched out and destroyed the entire Mayanliterature (except for four documents now in European museums). It wasrelated that Mayan scholars screamed in agony as they saw their life’spurpose go up in flames. Some committed suicide.The Council of Lima (1583) decreed the burning of the knotted cords("quipas") on which the Incas had recorded their history and that of theirpredecessors.


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